It was a full-to-overflowing day!


Yesterday was a day full of blessings!

An experience with a first-time visitor to my church blessed me probably more than it did her.  I had time to sit and chat with the Pastor and some other adult members of my church. My Dad shared half of his cup of coffee with me. The Lay Leadership Team (including me) did an impromptu conversation about spiritual gifts during the sermon time (Laity Sunday) and it went really well! (My mouth and my brain stayed connected while speaking in front of a group!)

After the service I had a terrific conversation with a  friend who’s been isolating himself due to depression. I had another great conversation with a friend who wrote a piece for the service that really spoke to me. I ate a yummy lunch with friends and then enjoyed a Longaberger party with more friends. My 13-year-old daughter and I had a wonderful conversation about blessings, complete with happy tears.

Days that filled with blessings don’t happen often, but when they do…. WOW! THANK YOU GOD!!!

Peace and blessings to you today!