Depression is like a pumpkin!?


Today’s blog post by Therese J Borchard of Beliefnet struck me as both funny and very true. In her post titled, “16 Ways Depression Is Like a Pumpkin“, she makes some good points. She writes, “After you dig out its guts and give it a light, it can be made into something beautiful (at least temporarily).”

It certainly is messy, hard work to dig out the “guts” of your depression. Usually you don’t dig out all of the inner guck at once, but it’s still painful and leaves you tired after working on it.  Ideally you decide to have a professional help you deal with the mess and the clean-up process. Hopefully when it’s time to dig around inside, you take it easy on yourself and give yourself credit for any little successes.

But, oh the work is usually worth it in the end!

Peace to you today