Creating a home that is sacred space

I’ve struggled for a long time with clutter.

Clutter is in my home, at work, and in my car.  When I can get myself started on a cleaning project, I can make some good progress. The hardest part is almost always getting my brain and my body convinced to get started. (Yes,  it’s frequently hard to maintain the cleared space as well.)

For years I’ve been fighting with myself about clearing clutter. I plan a cleaning project, bring home boxes, sort out some items to give to Goodwill, sort papers and throw or shred them. Usually I end up with more boxes of stuff that need more sorting and organizing. Those boxes end up piling up and taking up space. Sometimes even the containers of things to go to Goodwill end up hanging around for a while before I deliver them.

I also buy and bring home more stuff than I get rid of. Too much comes in the door and far too little goes back out. This is not a good balance for someone with the goal of having a home that feels open, nurturing, and peaceful.

As a consequence, my space feels cluttered, cramped, messy, and disorganized.  I don’t want to invite people over into my space. I don’t even want to be in my space.  As the wise FlyLady says, I have “CHAOS Syndrome- Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.” (If you have clutter or know someone who does, then please check out

With some help from a wise soul, I’ve finally figured out that I need to reframe the whole idea of clutter. Instead of thinking of this monumental and hated task that I have to do, I choose to think about taking care of my home as a spiritual process that allows me to nurture and love myself and my daughter.  As I wrote the list below, I imagined what my own loving presence would say to me to counteract the excuses I usually use to avoid the process.  Today I’m going to post the list of reminders in my home to help me remember my decision and change of focus.  Then I’m going to make some coffee, put on some tunes, and get started on the process of creating my sacred space.

Creating a Home That Is  Sacred Space

 Creating/clearing/organizing is a nurturing, loving, spiritual process.

 I deserve a space that is nurturing, serene, peaceful, open.

 Letting go of “stuff” allows room and flow and presence.

 “Stuff” only plugs up the flow of love, presence, peace, abundance.

 A space that is sacred allows me to rest, renew, relax, connect, function, foster health, love.

 Creating/clearing/organizing/getting rid of “stuff” honors me.

 A clean, open, sacred space will allow me to enjoy things and activities that delight and nurture me.

 Completing baby steps toward my goal(s) is loving and nurturing.

 Space allows abundance to thrive; “stuff” is not the same as abundance.

 Allowing “stuff” to become someone else’s abundance creates love.

 There is always enough.

 I honor myself by keeping only what I love and what I truly need to live.

Peace to you today.


Self management

Self management....
Self management….

Looks like it’s that time of year again to change the desktop wallpaper to something a little more… meaningful.  Last year I found a website (wish I could remember the URL) called Street Sign Generator that lets you create your own street sign pictures and choose a background to match.

For a little while at least, I’ll be using this on my desktop to remind me to stop drifting in the mental fog and pick something small to accomplish. (And then pick another thing, and another….) I’m not trying to beat myself up, just using a little humor to help with self management and get something done. Reminder duly noted. Getting to work right now.
Peace to you today