The “Others” Project

Natalie works on a prayer shawlMy daughter Natalie will have to plan and complete at least 3 hours of community service per academic quarter for one of her 8th grade teachers.  (Each of the student will complete 3 hours quarterly, not just Natalie.) The idea as I understand it is to think about ‘others’ in the community who have some sort of need and to do something to try to help.

After brainstorming lots of great ideas, Natalie decided that this quarter she would make two fleece prayer shawls (see below) and donate them to our church’s prayer shawl ministry. After working for at least 6 hours total (planning, shopping, washing, cutting, sewing) she decided that one shawl would be the final project for this quarter. (Luckily her teacher agreed.) The finished shawl is beautiful and will hopefully bring a child some joy and comfort.

 I sincerely hope that the quarterly “Others” projects help to foster community mindedness in Natalie and her classmates. There is so much need in the world, and all it takes is one person to notice and take action. Better yet, a whole bunch of people will notice and take action.

Prayer shawls are knit, crocheted, or sewn and given to people who need to know that a community of people are praying for them. Some people receive shawls to mark special events such as confirmations or graduations, and others receive shawls if they are ill or injured.  The most important thing about a prayer shawl is that the maker prays during the making. In our church, the shawls are blessed by the whole congregation before being given to a recipient. For more information, go to .

Peace to you today