squirrelEver have one of those days where your mind just cannot seem to stay on one thing? Yesterday was one of those days.

On the way to work I often pray in the car while I’m driving. Yesterday being no exception, I dropped off my daughter at school, got my coffee, turned off the radio, and started my morning talk with (to?) God.

Usually in the ten minutes or so it takes me to get to work, I can stay on track. I thank God for blessings and get down to asking for blessings for people I know or myself. Sometimes I even talk out loud about an issue that’s bugging me and try to come up with a strategy to solve the problem. Sometimes I stop to listen to any mental nudges God might send.

Yesterday’s problem: difficulty with concentration. Every 30 seconds or so during my driving prayer time, my mind would be off thinking about the shades of color in the trees. Or the Halloween decorations I had just passed. Or wishing the lady tailgating me would back off. Or thinking about that new pair of Keen shoes I really want.

Each time I noticed that my attention had lapsed, I would gently bring myself back to the prayer. I finally had to chuckle at myself when I realized how I had started to act like Dug (the dog) in the Disney/Prexar movie “Up“. The cute little dog tagging along through the story was constantly getting distracted and shouting “Squirrel!” at every turn.

I’m glad I was able to recognize what was happening and laugh at myself. It does no good to beat myself up about it. I finally decided to close the prayer by asking God to help me find ways to concentrate so I could get through the day and actually accomplish something.

Peace to you today.  “Squirrel!”