Good morning, Brain Fog

Monday morning. Had breakfast and a large cup of coffee. Brain feels like it’s stuffed with cotton balls.

So instead of remaining in this fog, it’s time to examine it, and maybe even talk to it. Time to suspend reality for a few moments….

Me: “Good morning, Brain Fog. I’m noticing that you’re back with me today.”

Brain Fog: “Yep, it’s me. You had a long and sort of blah Sunday, and I thought it would be a great time to stop by for a visit.”

Me: “If you’ll give me a few moments,  I need to think about why you might be visiting today.” (pause) “It seems like you’ve brought your partner Anxiety with you this morning. My shoulders feel a little stiff and my jaw is tight. My breathing is a little shallow compared to how it feels when Anxiety isn’t around.”

Brain Fog: “Smart woman. I wasn’t sure you’d notice today. You’ve been doing some avoiding lately, and that makes me and my friends stronger.”

Me: “You’re right about avoiding, now that you mention it. Avoiding paperwork, avoiding making and/or returning phone calls, avoiding doing laundry, avoiding church yesterday…. It’s because whenever I think about doing those things, Anxiety jumps right up and starts doing its thing. I don’t like how it feels when Anxiety visits.  I don’t like the physical feelings, and I don’t like the thoughts. Sometimes you guys even gang up on me like today. It’s a lot to handle.”

Anxiety: “Yeehaw! I knew today was a good day to visit. You can’t avoid me. I’m too strong and persistent. Bwahahaha!”

Me: (Stops to take a long deep breath) “Hold it right there, mister! You can’t come sneaking in here and ruin my day. I’m in charge of my body and my thinking!”

Anxiety: “Could have fooled me….”

Brain Fog: “Busted….”

Me: “Okay, here’s how today is going to go. I’m taking a 5 minute break to do some deep breathing and get centered. I’m going to say a quick prayer to ask God to help me relax, refocus, and to catch you two when you try to sneak back in. I might even take a quick walk to the mailbox for some fresh air. When I come back, you guys are outta here! For the next 30 minutes I’m going to tackle some files and get some work done. I’m not going to surf the Internet. I’m not going to read headlines on my RSS reader. I’m going to be relaxed and focused. At the end of 30 minutes I’m going to give myself credit for accomplishing whatever is done.”

Brain fog: “We’re gonna come back, you know. We’re sneaky like that.”

Anxiety: “You won’t even know what hit you. We’ll definitely be back….”

Me: “I’ll be on the lookout. I’ll be paying attention to my body for signs of tension and stress. I’ll notice when my brain just wants to play on the Internet instead of tackling the pile of work. As soon as I notice you guys, I’ll take some action to relax and focus, and out the door you’ll go again. I’ll be waiting….”

Unusual, I know, but I’m feeling more focused now that I’ve checked in with the inner self and challenged those buzzards. Anxiety and Brain Fog, be gone!

Peace to you today.


Depression is like a pumpkin!?


Today’s blog post by Therese J Borchard of Beliefnet struck me as both funny and very true. In her post titled, “16 Ways Depression Is Like a Pumpkin“, she makes some good points. She writes, “After you dig out its guts and give it a light, it can be made into something beautiful (at least temporarily).”

It certainly is messy, hard work to dig out the “guts” of your depression. Usually you don’t dig out all of the inner guck at once, but it’s still painful and leaves you tired after working on it.  Ideally you decide to have a professional help you deal with the mess and the clean-up process. Hopefully when it’s time to dig around inside, you take it easy on yourself and give yourself credit for any little successes.

But, oh the work is usually worth it in the end!

Peace to you today